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Nuggies, Inc.

Mary Jane Limited Edition 1/500

Mary Jane Limited Edition 1/500

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About Me: 

She was born from "The Recipe" and travels in search of other Nuggie Life Forms. Brought into the house by a friend of the grower, she decided to stay and fight for the rebels. 


Survivalist, strong, acrobatic, Faster than average, an expert in Hand to hand combat, and uses her Colorful calyxes spiral from her buds, fiery hairs, and her powdered sugary coat of crystal resin to engage her enemies. 


Smart, Tough, Flirtacious, Focused, and Strong Willed. You can count on her to get things done.


Leader of Rebel Alliance.

Nuggies collectibles are 4-inch hand-painted action figures with swivel arms and come in a limited first edition collectible box. 

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