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Comic Book, The Awakening VOL I

Comic Book, The Awakening VOL I

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The Story:

Somewhere deep in the Paradise of Santa Cruz CA.....

there is a house that grows the most tasty buds of all.
Where life is abundant
filled with creatures big and small.
the backyard,
where the Tree of Life stands firm and tall.
inside hidden a source of creation
A source with power to make kingdoms rise and fall
Found and stolen by a bitter caterpillar
drunk with power and filled with
Now begins a new era
A New Dark Age
the Seven Czars
rule the backyard
ants, worms, doids,rats, spiders, snails, caterpillars
have turned to raiders pillagers and
taking Nuggs and Buds as prisoners
conquer, control, consume
is the evil czar's plan of doom
the Shroomies came to help minds open
one shroom strayed the path
he whose name is never spoken
stories are told of "one" that can change hearts eyes and minds
A prophecy spoken
of a Nugg to be woken
Into consciousness comes "Nuggie"

Just in time.


Join your favorite cannabis characters on an adventure through the backyard where the fight of Good vs Evil is at War!

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